From Conception to Completion…

At QCD, we are ready to join with you to see your project through from conception to completion. Our team of planners and engineers can help you realize your dream, whether it is a multi-hundred acre mixed use development or creating your own personal space. Whether you are building a high rise office building, an office park or an office, we are here to help. Whether you are planning a large community development with amenities or a single family home or anything in between, we are here to see you realize your dream through every step of planning and development, from Concept and Zoning, Design to Construction, As-Built and Occupancy.

Site Investigation and Planning

Right from the start, let QCD help you to see the future of your project. Our planners can help you to envision all your development can be; working with the uniqueness of your site, your goals and planned uses.

We can aid you with the Due Diligence & Preliminary Site Investigation phase of your project, Zoning / Re-Zoning, Variances, Waivers and Special Use Permits.

Preliminary Design

QCD will work with the natural features features of your site for unique design emphasis as well as efficiency.

QCD will study your site to provide you with Preliminary Grading/Earthwork Estimates and investigate Utility concerns for pricing and permitting expectations, and create a Master Planning design for phased development.

Construction Documents and Permitting

From Demolition to Site Construction, Grading and Utilities, Landscape Design, Erosion & Sedimentation Control and more, QCD’s decades of experience is ready to serve you. Whether your development is Commercial/Office, Residential, Industrial or Mixed Use, QCD’s team of planners and designers are here for your Site Development needs.

More and more, the Site Development Approval Process can seem like a maze or even a mystery. QCD has the experience and is glad to help navigate your project through the City, County, State and Federal agency regulations and permitting that may apply to your project.

QCD will provide you and your contractors with clear, concise Construction Document Plans and Specifications ready for bid and construction.

Construction Phase Support & NPDES

QCD will stay with you and your development through the construction process, offering support to you and contractors as may be desired. Environmental concerns and the effects of development have come front and center to the development process. QCD  can be instrumental up front with Preliminary Site Evaluation and Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and Wetland Delineation, as may be needed. We can guide you new regulatory requirements (Notice of Intent, Notice of Termination). QCD will provide you with Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans as a regular part of our Construction Documents and can follow through with Site Inspections and StormWater Monitoring/Sampling throughout the construction process.

Post Construction

Let QCD take you right up to you Certificate of Occupancy, with any As-Built requirements your site calls for.


Every development requires a team of consultants &  contractors working toward a common goal. At QCD we believe in working together, whether with your consultants or those that we have worked with before. We will work to maintain smooth and respectful communication between ourselves, client and all participants in seeing your development to its successful completion.

At QCD, we have worked with  many design consultants from a full spectrum of development partners and are happy to make recommendations suitable to the needs of your project.